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Deosai Plains

Deosai is 32km away from Skardu city, Deosai is one of the highest plateaus in the world and height is 14000 feet above the sea level is spread over 3000sq km. The landscape is covered with wildflowers that make Deosai radiant with bright colors through the summer. The diverse vegetation supports wildlife and an ecosystem that is a unique example of adaptation to high altitude.

Silk Route

The Silk route/Karakoram Highway connects China and Pakistan with what must be the most harrowing trail of asphalt on earth. From Kashgar to Islamabad, the road stretches 1260 kilometers. Nowadays most traffic on the Karakoram Highway consists of tourists. The Silk Route and Karakoram Highway are one of the most popular routes in the world among epic travellers, which can be made while sitting in a temperature controlled vehicle winding through the scenic and changing vistas.

Blossom Tours

The beginning of Cherry blossom signals the end of chilly winter weather in Hunza valley, Phandar valley, Skardu valley and in the other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan which means spring is arrived. Blossom season (spring) starts from the mid-March and ends by the last week of April. Cherry blossom viewing began in ancient times when aristocrats wrote poetry and sang songs under the flowering trees of Cherry. Many tourists from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries around the world come to see Cherry blossom in Pakistan every year. Tourists from all over Pakistan and around the globe enjoy the scenic beauty of the cherry blossom season in the northern areas of Pakistan. We have created a list of some places that you should visit in the “Cherry Blossom” season in Pakistan.

Autum Tours Gilgit-Baltistan

Every autumn, nature paints the mountains and valleys of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan with a striking shade of gold, red and orange at the end of summer season. During mid-September to mid-November various trees start changing and adding colors to nature and making it one of the picturesque moments. The whole region presents breathtaking views and vibrant landscapes for a nature lover. The North Pakistan, especially Gilgit-Baltistan is blessed naturally with luxuriantly green orchards (mostly of cherry, apricot, apple, pears, peaches), streams full of dancing waters, roaring rivers, and meadows stretching in the quietude like that of heavens at a height which, is a unique feature of Pakistan’s northern areas.

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